Saturday, June 21, 2008

Off Again

I'm off again (in case you missed the text above). No sooner than I get back to NYC, there's a death in the family and I'm off to Florida, in two hours. Not unexpected, so off I go.

Thanks for checking in on me, I had a great time, I have lots of pictures to bore you with later. Not much running went on, but considering I've been having slight achilles tendon pain and some shoulder pain lately, it was probably a good thing. Didn't see a pool for two weeks, either, I'm kind of jonesing for that, so I guess I'll actually have to do a triathlon someday.

Anyway, I'll be back next week with stories and the usual crap. Again, thanks for the shout-outs (reneemc!), and hopefully Bob-O heard me yelling out when I got back.

- R

P.S. Did you know Europeans love soccer? I had no idea!

See, bland sarcasm is back.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Away Again

So I'm off for another trip, I'll be back the week after next. I'd planned this one since last year, before I signed up for any races, etc... which is one of the unspoken reasons I probably won't be ready for the Partriot Half, since two weeks plus of not much training won't help matters.

But the running maps are printed, and I'm heading out today to the same neighborhood in Paris, 75006. No races there, I checked. I thought about a marathon in Caen, France and one in Lichtenstein, but I think not. My legs are not ready for that crap so soon.

One other thing, the NYC Half (July 27th) lottery results arrived, I did NOT get in. Kind of ticks me off, I've run it every year, and missed qualifying for it by around 30 seconds, too. I'll get over it, but it's disappointing. As running pal Susie pointed out to me, at least I won't get charged the $80 entry fee now.

Au revoir...